Paint It

Accurate and easy to use paint colour identification tool.


Digital representations of body and non-body Motor Manufacturers colours are now available onscreen to aid in the visualisation process. Once the correct colour is identified, you are one click away from formula retrieval via the COLORMOBILE® software tool.

Finding the right colour typically involves knowing the manufacturer, year and model. With Paint It, there are a variety of search options and views that make finding the best wheel or trim colour a quick and easy process.

  • Easy migration and sort features present digitally produced images on screen. Select any image and full colour details are available for the specific colour chosen. Paint It makes colour selection fast and fun.
  • To find the right colour quickly, select the Manufacturer or Year from the Paint It home page. The open search field will accommodate Motor Manufacturer codes or colour descriptions for single image view. Select compatibility view and additional images and information for accent, interior, underhood, trim and wheel are available when applicable.
  • The colour family search feature provides a unique approach when a specific exterior or body colour is desired. The images can be further refined and sorted by manufacturer, model, solid or metallic.


Paint It 1

Paint It 2 (1)

Paint It 3


Access to Paint It requires no subscription and no special software. All you need is a personal computer or tablet with internet access. Like to try it? Go to and add the icon to your home screen today. Available for users of PPG branded products.


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