-PPG understands the need to perform to the highest standards in today's highly competitive market, to achieve long-term efficiency and profitability.

PPG also understands the continuing evolution of OEM body materials and paint finishes, and the repair products, processes and techniques required to return vehicles to service in showroom condition.

And, as refinish specialists, we are able to develop refinish training programmes that develop your skills and knowledge where they are needed, when it matters.

Our training options can be adapted to suit your requirements, whether you need business development, better workflow, enhanced efficiency or hands-on skills. Training takes place under expert guidance in one of over 65 training centres globally, including more than 20 across EMEA.

At PPG our aim is to provide you with a trustworthy partner in identification and development of key needs that will impact on your long-term success.

Please contact us to get more information about the training courses offered.