Wax Incorporation




Smears or dull areas in the paint film. The affected areas may feel greasy.


Absorption of wax into the paint film due to:

  1. Application of wax polish before the paint has fully hardened.
  2. Excessive or incorrect use of polish or compound.
  3. Poor polishing technique.
  4. Storage of wax protected vehicles under hot conditions.



  1. Allow the surface to harden fully before polishing.
  2. Use only recommended products, use as instructed.
  3. Use correct polishing techniques, ensure that the gloss level is even over the entire surface.
  4. Protect stored vehicles from excessive heat.



Apply a solvent cleaner, followed by polishing with a non-wax polish. Repeat until all wax has been bled from the surface, then repolish.



Other Defects: