Poor Colour Match




Adjacent areas exhibit differences in shade. This is most frequently noticeable on adjacent complete panels.


There is no single cause, the defect may result from a number of factors:

  1. Use of differing or incorrect materials.
  2. Inadequate mixing of the paint.
  3. Fading due to weathering or exposure.
  4. Incorrect application.
  5. Metameric distortion (Colour variation in differing light).
  6. Incorrect colour choice or use of the wrong variant of the colour.



  1. Use only recommended materials
  2. Ensure that the paint is mixed thoroughly and correctly.
  3. Protect vehicles in storage.
  4. Apply materials correctly, use correct spraying technique.
  5. Before painting the vehicle, spray a test panel with the paint to be used and compare with the original at different angles and in differing light.
  6. Use the manufacturers colour system to select the correct colour and variant.



Flat down the surface and repaint using the correct colour and variant



Other Defects: