Panel Faults




Surface irregularities, typically appearing as ripples, curved, straight or crisscrossed grooves, or jagged or globular protrusions.


Conformation of the paint film to surface defects of the substrate.

These may be due to:

  1. Press or mould irregularities, poor surface finishing of the substrate, too coarse abrasion by file or disc, weld spatter.
  2. Poor or insufficient filling or stopping, incorrect stopper, inadequate flatting.
  3. Insufficient application of primer.
  4. Applying colour over improperly dried high build primer.



  1. Examine the surface carefully before spraying, and correct any defects and irregularities. Use the correct grades of abrasive, use files or discs correctly, remove all weld spatter.
  2. Fill or stop all defects, use the correct stopper, flat down correctly.
  3. Apply an adequate thickness or primer and flat to a smooth surface.
  4. Allow materials to dry or cure properly.



Strip paint down to the substrate. Correct all defects, prepare the surface correctly and repaint.



Other Defects: