DELFLEET® Chromated Etch Primer

Product Description

F397 Delfleet Anti-Corrosion Etch-Primer is designed to give a maximum adhesion over a wide range of substrates including aluminium.

It provides outstanding anti-corrosive properties on ferrous substrates.

Product Code: F397

Application Process

Mixing by volume

Delfleet F397

Delfleet F368

HVLP / Pressure

1 vol

1 vol


Potlife at 20°C

8 hours



Spray viscosity 

15 sec. DIN4/20ºC

Spraygun Sizes

HVLP: 1.4-1.8 mm.

Pressure: 0.85.-1.1 mm.


Number of Coats


20ºC Flash off

Between coats


5-10 min HVLP and 10 min Pressure

Drying times

20°C Through dry


1 hour

 For additional information, consult technical data sheet RLD58V.